The most active Russian
VC fund and accelerator

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IIDF stands for Internet Initiatives Development Fund. According to Dow Jones, we are the most active early-stage venture fund in Russia and Europe.

We have $100M (6bn RUB) under management. Since 2013 IIDF has closed more than 370 deals ranging from $20k to $5.5M.

Our investment activity accounts for up to 100 IT startup deals each year.

Areas we invest in

We invest in IT startups with the potential to scale globally.





Internet of things


Digital Healthcare


Productivity Tools

Big Data



We invest at Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A

Deal size *
Up to $42k (2.5m RUB)
Total number of deals
319 Pre-Seeds
Company stage
MVP, the first batch of sales
How we measure success
Each year we invest a small amount of pre-seed money ($42k) in 60 to 90 early stage startups. Those companies proceed to participate in a 3-month accelerator program where we work intensively with the founders to verify the value proposition and judge the core team.
Deal size
Up to $427k (25m RUB)
Total number of deals
36 Seeds
Company stage
$8,5k monthly turnover (500,000 RUB/month)
How we measure success
After 3-month acceleration, the best startup teams with a proven value proposition get up to $427k seed.
Deal size
Up to $5,5m (324m RUB)
Total number of deals
15 Series A
Company stage
$200k-$500k monthly turnover (12-30m RUB/month)
How we measure success
We make Series A investments of up to $5,5M in startup teams who managed to build scalable sales. processes.
* exchange rate as of 23 Nov 2017

More than just an investor

Programs and services to boost a company

Prepare yourself for speaking with an investor
Аny company stage

Pre-Accelerator: an online program which helps IT startups prepare to meet with an investor, and increases the chances of passing the IIDF selection process. As part of the program, founders work on their business in the following areas: Product, Market, Promotion, Team, Economics and Demand, Competitors, and, to conclude, have a half-hour Skype consultation with an IIDF Pre-Accelerator expert.

The program is free of charge, and it can be undergone at any stage, at any time online at

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Prepare yourself for the first round of investment and bringing your product onto the market
Ready minimum viable product

Distance Accelerator: a two-month program for startups which prepares you for attracting seed investment from IIDF and entering the IIDF onsite Accelerator. Includes launch training in Moscow, remote work with a Tracker and Traction Meetings at the IIDF offices. The founders’ objective on this program: to identify the priority client segment and to corroborate the value of initial sales.

Entry onto the program is only by recommendation from an IIDF representative.

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Bring a product onto the market
Returns from initial sales of up to 50m RUB per year

IIDF Accelerator: a three-month program to accelerate growth of business for IT startup founders who are launching a product onto the market and want to move to regular sales. This program also provides the opportunity to attract investment both at the time of acceleration (pre-seed from IIDF) and on completion of the program (seed from IIDF and other investors).

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Upscale current sales and reach a new level of returns
Returns of from 50 to 500m RUB per year

IIDF Executive: acceleration for IT companies with returns of 50-500m RUB a year. The IIDF Executive program was created especially for companies which are “more grown up” in terms of their founders’ working pace, objectives and work load. Program duration: six months. Program contents and schedule are set individually for each company.

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Enter the US market
Seed and growth stage

IIDF Techmafia: an international accelerator for Russian IT startups geared towards adaptation of the product, landing the first clients, and speeding up growth on the US market. The program lasts three months, for two of which the team makes preparations in Moscow, with one month being spent launching the product in San Francisco. The program includes:

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Find the team of your dreams
Seed and growth stage
COMPANY STAGE an online service from IIDF which helps you to find an IT startup, and work for them for a share in the company or a salary, part-time or full-time, in the capacity of employee or mentor. The system selects startups itself in accordance with your interests and qualification level. Most in-demand are marketing experts, experts in B2B sales, mentors, interface designers, and web analysts. For specialists, this is an opportunity to create new products with a smart team.

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The largest tech entrepreneur community in Russia

Since 2013 we’ve built the most extensive network of investors, accelerators, incubators, universities, corporations, and founders in Russia.

2 000
startups apply for our accelerator program annually
4 500
startups participate in our basic online program per year
top experts in marketing&sales, legal issues, team productivity, etc.
1 000
events we’ve organized or participated in as partners since 2013
20 000
people attend our events (meetups, workshop, hackathons, conferences)
16 000
members in our groups on Facebook and Vkontakte
47 000
people get our newsletter


If you’re looking for high potential tech startups from Russia and are ready to invest and help them enter a local market, we could be a partner for you.

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