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Tested ideas for your business on how to enter and accelerate growth in foreign markets.
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Founders of international tech companies, investors and experts with powerful cases of working in foreign markets.

Tech investors, entrepreneurs, media, corporate representatives and accelerators.
You will hear about powerful cases of working abroad. 30+ founders, investors and experts will share their experience.
Find news strategies and tactics for your business.
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Talk to international investors, foreign and Russian companies and accelerators, founders of global companies.

The conference will have different types of networking.
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RSGG will host several hundred founders of companies creating innovative products. Get acquainted with promising teams for mutually beneficial cooperation. Last year the conference was attended by 500+ startups and companies.
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Tilda Publishing
Head of IIDF Accelerator
Dmitry Kalaev
  • Head of IIDF Accelerator: 600+ tech companies since 2013.
  • Co-founder of — a «venture tourism» program in Silicon Valley.
  • Business angel and managing partner of RedButton fund: $ 10M of conducted transactions.
  • Head of Sberbank-Technology in Yekaterinburg: from zero to 50+ employees in 6 months; successful implementation of the core IT-system in 1800 of the bank's offices.
  • Advisor to the Minister of Economics of the Sverdlovsk Region.
  • Naumen: from 6 to 400+ employees and a billion rubles in revenue. Now — a shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors.
Co-founder and ex-partner of Gagarin Capital Partners

Nikolay Davydov
Co-founder of Gagarin Capital Partners in Silicon Valley and artificial intelligence tech startup Cherry Labs, which raised $ 9.6M in two rounds of investments.

Nikolay had a hand in the acquisition of the MSQRD app by Facebook, and has invested in over 50 startups, including Prisma, Wallarm and Earth AI.

Nikolay is also the trustee of the Zhuravlik charitable foundation, «Investor of the Year» according to RBC, and the hero of the sensational movie about Silicon Valley.
Co-founder and CEO of ManyChat
Mike Yan
Co-founder of ManyChat, the largest messenger marketing platform in the world, helping over 1 million businesses in 150+ countries to do marketing, sales and support via messengers.
Founder of Drimsim
Sergey Redkov
Founder of Drimsim, an international SIM card for traveling around the world.

Sergey presented his idea to create a universal SIM card back in 2011, but the official launch took place only in 2016. Today Drimsim is based in Barcelona, and hundreds of thousands of subscribers in 197 countries use the SIM card.
Founder and CEO of, co-founder of Inc
Alexey Pelevin
Serial entrepreneur.
In 2010, he founded, which automates the Russian arbitration system with the Electronic Justice service, and is currently the leader in the development and implementation of complex technological solutions in the Legal Tech area.

The author of the system for automating legal activities Casebook, Casebook and, as well as the author of an algorithm that predicts the outcome of a court case.

In 2016, he co-founded the California-based technology company Inc. Co-founder of the first robotic law firm,
Founder of Qmarketing, Co-owner of Qlean, Mentor at 500Startups
Roman Kumar Vias
Roman developed the Qlean business to the largest online cleaning service in Russia. Qlean is now the world's third cleaning service for apartments.

In 2017, he founded the Qmarketing marketing agency, which helps start-ups and tech companies in Russia, London and Silicon Valley. Launched a marketing training program in 2019 and opens branches in the Valley and India in 2020.

Today Roman is a sought-after international speaker: RIF, RIF + KIB, SPIK, Atlanty, Amo Conf, Russian Tech Week, Potok, Vedomosti, Login, Lithuania, World Marketing Conference (Mumbai), World Youth Business Forum and dr.
Founder and CEO of Pharma.Global MENA LTD
Elena Vatutina
16 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in various fields in the global market.

Pharma.Global is an ecosystem of smart solutions for the distribution chain for the pharmaceutical industry, which includes a marketplace for manufacturers and pharmacies PharmMarket, a loyalty system "Cashback from pharmacies", educational platforms for pharmacists Pharmznanie and for medical professionals Medznanie.

The key value is the reduction of costs within the distribution chain through technology.
VP of User Acquisition at Scentbird
Oleg Popov
VP of User Acquisition at Scentbird (USA), former head of communications strategy at Yandex.

Scentbird is a subscription-based designer perfume sale service with over 400,000 active subscribers and $ 90 million in annual revenue. Operates in the US market.

In 2015, an American startup with Russian founders Scentbird underwent an acceleration program at Y Combinator, at various stages of development it attracted investments from Goodwater Capital, as well as Y Combinator, Rainfall Ventures, FundersClub and other companies.
Founder and CEO of Aggregion
Nukri Basharuli
Since 2003, he has been involved in projects in the field of management and commercialization of digital assets.

Aggregion is a decentralized digital asset management platform. Aggregion solves the problem of secure collaboration on digital objects of different companies. For this, Aggregion uses its own developments based on technologies of distributed databases and secure enclaves. Among the partners and clients of Aggregion are the largest international and Russian companies.
COO at Legionfarm, Head of startup communities YCombinator in Russia and Silicon Pravda
Stacy Galgashova
Head of growth at IIDF Accelerator
Gadzhimurad Aliev
5 years of experience in technology entrepreneurship, managing a private business incubator in the region and an acceleration program in a venture fund. Have his own business experience — Internet agency and educational network of IT courses. At IIDF, he is developing the international direction of GoGlobal. Launches the process of quick hypothesis testing in companies, sets up the work of a remote team. Helps tech entrepreneurs scale their businesses overseas.
Founder of community
Pavel Hegai
For the last 10 years Pavel has been an tech entrepreneur. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University and worked for 3 years at Deloitte in the Risk Management Department.

In 2010, he launched his first startup, the coupon service WeClever, which in 2013 became a small holding company called First Coupon Company. In 2017, he sold this business to Kupikupon, in the same year, together with partners, he founded LikeVR, a studio for the development of virtual and augmented reality.

In 2019, he lived for six months in San Francisco, worked for a venture capital fund (Phystech VC) and launched a networking course, which grew into the international community of Russian-speaking entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world, aimed at helping to enter foreign markets.
Founder and CEO of BYYD
Anzor Kuvaev
Over the 3 years since BYYD was founded, the team managed to turn the company into # 1 among Mobile DSPs in terms of the share of cooperation with TOP-100 RF clients. Today BYYD is the world's largest mobile ad platform for buying real-time mobile ad traffic (RTB).
Co-founder and CEO of Soundeon
Vadim Kurochkin
Serial entrepreneur, philanthropist. Co-founder and Managing Partner of Zilliard Capital Partners hedge fund.

Soundeon is a platform that allows artists to develop their musical careers: seek investors for future projects, increase monetization, and effectively communicate with the fanbase. The company became a finalist of the MIDEM 2020 Startup Competition. The Soundeon team are graduates of the IIDF accelerator.

Vadim is also a co-founder of the Zilliard Art Foundation, which supports educational projects in the field of contemporary art.
Founder and CEO of inDriver
Arsen Tomsky
Arsen Tomsky, technology entrepreneur, founder of the Sinet Group, Ykt.Ru, CEO & Founder of inDriver.

InDriver is an international peer-to-peer ride-hailing service. The company was founded in 2013 in Yakutsk. The service operates in 400+ cities in 31 countries. It is currently headquartered in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. 850 employees work in 8 offices around the world.
Co-founder and partner
Dmitry Sutormin
Venture investor. Co-founder and Managing Partner of Fund, Boston.

Business angel, mentor and advisor since 2010. Dmitry has invested in over 20 startups.

Some of the successful startups: Enaza, SkyparkCDN, Playkey, MyBuddy, Elementaree.
Managing Partner at Leta Capital
Alexander Chachava
Alexander Chachava is the initiator of the foundation of the LETA Capital fund which target on companies engaged in innovative development of new products and services in the field of tech at the late seed stage and early growth stage.

Key experience and expertise are entrepreneurship, software distribution, sales and marketing, channel building, etc.

Serial entrepreneur in the tech industry, founder and president of Leta Group: Eset Russia, Leta IT, Avanpost, Damask, etc. with revenues> 3 billion rubles and 500+ employees.
Founder and managing partner Fort Ross Ventures
Viktor Orlovsky
В 2015 году Виктор переехал в Калифорнию и основал Fort Ross Ventures — управляющую компанию, фокусирующуюся на инвестициях в стартапы в США, Израиле и России. Сегодня под управлением компании находится 345 млн долларов, сделаны инвестиции более чем в 25 компаний, имеется несколько выходов, в том числе две компании сделали IPO и несколько компаний были проданы компаниям Fortune 500. В сферу интересов фонда входят — финтех, машинное обучение и искусственный интеллект, маркетплейсы, интернет вещей, а также высоконагруженные IT-платформы, где технология помогает оптимизировать инфраструктуру. В фонде Виктор уделяет особое внимание инвестированию и налаживанию отношений с компаниями, расположенными в Кремниевой долине и Израиле, открывает им двери на рынки России, стран СНГ, Центральной и Восточной Европы, используя свои отраслевые знания и партнерские отношения с крупнейшими корпорациями в этих регионах.

Более 20 лет Виктор возглавлял технологические блоки в таких крупнейших банках как ABN AMRO, Альфа-Банк и Сбербанк, где, занимая позицию Chief Technology Officer принимал непосредственное участие в наиболее масштабной программе цифровой трансформации в банковской индустрии. Автор книги «От носорога к единорогу. Как провести компанию через трансформацию в цифровую эпоху и избежать смертельных ловушек».

Fort Ross Ventures — управляющая компания, фокусируется на инвестициях в стартапы в США, Израиле и России. Целевые компании работают в таких областях, как финансовые технологии, облачные технологии, искусственный интеллект, интернет вещей, безопасность и маркетплейсы. Общий объем обязательств в фондах под управлением Fort Ross Ventures составляет 345 млн долл. Инвесторами в фонды под управлением Fort Ross Ventures являются как российские, так и зарубежные частные лица и корпорации.
Co-founder and CMO at Allсorrrect Games
Denis Hamin
Denis and his partner founded the Allcorrect translation agency in 2006. After 4 years, they reoriented the company to the games and applications market and international customers, and today Allcorrect is one of the 100 largest world translation companies.

Allcorrect is engaged in the localization of games and mobile applications. The company specializes in finding profitable markets for developers and publishers, as well as tailoring games to target audiences based on their cultural characteristics. Company have 70 employees in Samara and 1500 linguists around the world who carry out up to 1500 projects in 23 language pairs every month.

Clients include EA, Ubisoft, Perfect World, Yoozoo and Kongregate, Yandex, Gaijin and
Director of IIDF
Kirill Varlamov
Director of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund, whose investment portfolio includes over 350 tech startups.

Co-founder and ex-head of the technology company Naumen, which now employs 400+ employees, and revenue exceeds 1 billion rubles. Graduate of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, Executive MBA. Completed a targeted quality management program at Bradley University, USA and an internship at Caterpillar. Winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year international competition.
Co-founder of Tochka and ANNA
Boris Dyakonov
Boris Dyakonov is a Russian banker, founder of the Tochka bank for entrepreneurs and the ANNA Money service.

Has been in the banking business since 1998. He was a co-owner of Bank-24-ru from 2002 to 2014. In 2015, he launched the remote bank Tochka, a Russian digital bank without physical offices, focused on serving entrepreneurs and enterprises.

In 2017, he created the British service ANNA Money. It's a business bot, financial assistant for entrepreneurs. The idea of the British service is similar to the Russian Tochka and Knopka. ANNA helps you transfer funds (so far only in British pounds), receive money into your account, use a corporate card with all basic attributes and issue invoices. She also monitors the payment of invoices and reminds of the due date for tax returns. The full name of the company is Absolutely No Nonsense Admin Ltd.
Founder and CEO of Out of Cloud and Foody
Vitaliy Alexandrov
Founder of Out of Cloud CRM marketing agency. The company works with the largest brands in terms of analyzing data about its consumers and building personal marketing based on this data. At the age of 27, he wrote of the book "Email Marketing Strategy", published by Mann, Ivanov and Ferber which became a bestseller on He is an author and ideologist of the course on CRM marketing on Netology, which will be launched in late spring.

The agency works in terms of data analysis and personal marketing with Nikon, the Rosinter network, Perekrestok, Pyaterochka and other brands. In 2017, the agency took 1st place in the "Best eCRM Usage" category of the Tagline award. In 2018, the agency took 1st place in the Best Use of Analytics in Loyalty Programs nomination according to the Loyalty Awards Russia.

In 2019, he and his partners launched a startup Foody to optimize purchases for restaurants. At the end of 2019, he moved to the United States. After 3 months the company found first clients in the United States, and the number of clients increases by 20% monthly. Opened its sales office in California. In October 2020, attracted investments from IIDF.
Founder and CEO Fantasy Invest
Mikhail Gavrilov
Founder and СЕО of Oncobox
Andrey Garazha
Founder and CEO of Oncobox, nominated for the top 30 most promising Russians under 30 according to Forbes in 2020 in the Science and Technology category.

Andrey Garazha is a graduate of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the California Institute of Technology, has worked in several scientific laboratories, has experience in the venture capital market and in data analytics. He founded and headed Oncobox, a company specializing in the development of personalized methods for the diagnosis and treatment of complex cancer cases using original molecular genetic methods and machine learning algorithms.

Oncobox is the first Russian biomedical company to undergo acceleration at Y Combinator. In total, the startup attracted about 280 million rubles of investments, including from the influential Khosla Ventures fund (investor GitLab, Impossible Foods and Square).

Over the past two years, the Oncobox team has published over 40 scientific articles in leading journals, including Nature and the Journal of Clinical Oncology, and has filed patents and clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of the company's tests. To date, more than 1,500 patients have been tested by Oncobox.

At the end of 2019, Oncobox began commercial sales to clinics in Russia, Germany and the United States. At the next stage, the company is planning a new round of investments (with the participation of international investors and RDIF), a clinical study in Europe and measures to include the test in insurance coverage, as well as increasing the b2b segment of sales to large pharma and other research companies.
General Partner at AltaIR Capital
Igor Ryabenkiy
Igor has funded dozens of startups and has repeatedly received awards as the best business angel of the year (Seed Investor of the Year, Venture Awards Russia 2015 and Business Angel of the Year, Russia VC Awards 2016). After becoming a "super angel", he began managing early-stage funds, bringing together an international team of experts in the venture capital market.

In 2018, the National Association of Business Angels of Russia presented Igor with a special prize for his contribution to the development of the early-stage venture capital market.
The management company AltaIR Capital was founded in 2005 and manages several venture capital funds. The company is headquartered in Vienna, with representatives in New York, Moscow and Herzliya (Israel).

In 2016, the analytical company CB Insights recognized AltaIR Capital as the most active venture investor in Delaware, and in 2019 Pitchbook named the fund the second most active venture capital company in Israel.

AltaIR Capital's portfolio includes more than 150 companies, and Igor Ryabenky's track record contains more than 20 super-profitable exits from the capital of invested startups. The Juno taxi service was bought by Gett for $ 200 million, the Unomi marketing platform was acquired by the WeWork coworking network, one of the world's largest unicorn-companies, and the revenue of the CarPricе online car auction, which Ryabenky saw at the earliest stage, in 2017 exceeded 14 billion rubles.

A major success in 2019 was the acquisition of the portfolio company AltaIR Capital, a startup This is L, which produces innovative hygiene products, by the American FMCG giant P&G.
In 2015, Igor Ryabenkiy and his partners founded the private investors club AltaClub, a convenient and reliable way to co-invest with AltaIR Capital. Club members have the opportunity to make investments together with the fund, gaining access to companies selected by AltaIR Capital from Silicon Valley, Israel and other start-up hubs.
Partner at Phystech Ventures
Petr Lukyanov
Partner at Phystech Ventures venture fund and TerraVC investment company. He has been professionally engaged in investments for over ten years. He worked as an investment director at the venture capital firm Ruvento Venture Partners, director of the investment department of the Skolkovo Foundation, and has a successful experience of angel investments in the field of oil refining technologies and big data.

In 2013, together with partners, he founded a venture capital firm Phystech Ventures, which raised a total of more than $50 million under management.In early 2019, together with partners, he created an investment company TerraVC, which focuses on advanced technologies in the field of oil and gas, traditional energy, and the industrial Internet. things, robotics.
Founder and CEO of Trucker Path and JobEasy/Careerist
Ivan Tsybaev
Trucker Path is the most popular mobile app for truckers in the US. $21.5 million investment. There was an exit.

JobEasy / Careerist is a fast-growing EdTech / FinTech startup in the United States that helps people retrain for a career in tech on a pay-as-you-go model only after they start working in tech.
Founder and CEO of Wachanga
Maksim Kolpakov
Maksim has been involved in IT startups for over 15 years. Founded Wachanga in 2013.

There are already 7 mobile applications in the portfolio of Wachanga that are somehow related to parenting. They successfully work on Android and iOS platforms, three products — Women's Calendar, Pregnancy Calendar and BabyCare, a young mother's assistant are among the leaders in their category in many countries of the world. The company's applications are translated into 52 languages and have users in every country in the world.
Founder of Ecwid and X-Car
Ruslan Fazlyev
Ruslan Fazlyev is a businessman and entrepreneur, founder of X-Cart and Ecwid platforms, specializing in e-commerce. Having started his career as an ordinary programmer, in 2013 Hopes & Fears magazine placed him in 14th place in the rating of young entrepreneurs in Russia. In 2014 he took 56th place in the Top-100 Russian Internet millionaires according to The Secrety Firmy, and in 2016 the publication placed him in the 8th place in the ranking of the most successful young (under 40) entrepreneurs in the country. He is the hero of Yuri Dud's film about Silicon Valley.

In 2010 Ruslan became a participant in the "Business Project - 2010" competition, organized by Forbes and Google, and became one of the winners. At the same time, the first Ecwid office opened in California. By 2020, Ecwid has several hundred employees in different countries and cities around the world. The product has been translated into 54 languages and is used by over 1.5 million customers. Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and PeakSpan Capital have invested $ 42 million in the development of Ecwid. This deal has become one of the largest in the niche of modern e-commerce.
Director, Innovation and Partnerships at 500 Startups
Pedro Vieira
Scientist, turned founder, turned investor, with deep experience in the tech world. Experience on both sides of the table as operator (1 exit backed by NEA & DFJ) and investor, and with all the different stages of a venture from idea to growth. Founder of West to West which helps Portuguese & EU entrepreneurs succeed in Silicon Valley (200+ portfolio). Currently leading 500 Startups in Europe and Africa.
Co-founder and CEO of Find My Kids
Vadih Giniatulin
Since its founding in 2017, Vadih has developed the business to the largest multifunctional mobile service in Russia for parents with sales of over $ 1 million per month.

Every month, more than 1.5 million parents trust the company for the safety of family members, of which 60% are an international audience. Today the Find My Kids app is one of the top 3 mobile family trackers in the world.

60 employees of the head office in Perm work every day to build a technology ecosystem to support parents around the world in their daily lives. The Find My Kids team are graduates of the IIDF accelerator.
Investment Director at TMT Investments, Plc
Aleksandr Pak
Провел более 60 инвестиций, среди которых ряд ранних проектов выросли в юникорны (Bolt, Pipedrive), более 10 успешных выходов (VitalFields продан Monsanto, Astrid продан Yahoo, FriendlyData продан ServiceNow и др.). Фокус на такие сегменты как SaaS, Cloud, Media, Marketplaces and Consumer Internet. Более 15 лет опыта в инвестициях и M&A. MBA, Kingston University.

TMT Investments, Plc это динамично развивающаяся инвестиционная компания, размещена на Лондонской фондовой бирже (LSE). Основана в 2010 году, специализируется на инвестициях с высоким потенциалом роста и масштабируемости по всему миру.
Head of Innovations Gazprombank
Daria Chernozub
An expert in the development of corporate innovation tools.

In 2019, Daria headed the innovation department of Gazprombank. The innovation department is engaged in the search and integration of services of various technological teams into the bank's solutions, incl. startups.

Previously, Daria was involved in organizing start-up competitions and hackathons for the Central Bank and banks within Finopolis and the Fintech Association, as well as technological scouting at the Moscow Innovation Agency.
Director of the Project Office "Development of Technologies" at Rostelecom
Lyubov Simonova
Head of Department of corporate programms at IIDF
Irina Tarasova
General Partner Cabra VC. Mentor at 500Startups (SF) and Alchemist Accelerator (SF)
Alexey Alexanov
Alexey Alexanov is a Co-founder and General Partner at Cabra VC, Entrepreneur, and Mentor at 500Startups and Alchemist Accelerator.

Alexey in charge of the pipeline, business development, and deal structuring in Cabra VC and focuses on Seed/Series A subscription-based companies in Customer Engagement Technologies in the U.S. and Fintech space in India. Alexey holds several board roles including Board members at Petcube, Improvado, XiX, Welltory (all US-based companies).

Before Cabra VC, Alexey was a three-time co-founder of Retail, R&D, and Fintech companies in Russia. The main areas of expertise are business development, partnerships as well as enterprise sales.
Alexey graduated from the Higher School of Economics National Research University with M.Sc. in Strategic management.

About Cabra VC
Cabra VC is a venture capital firm focused on subscription-based startups in the USA and India. We invest in early-stage post-revenue companies and support young teams to grow rapidly.
Since 2016 our team has successfully completed 43 investments in 23 companies, three of them have been acquired by strategic investors.
Our mission is to give a chance for success for as many founders as possible. We are building a company that will back every single day at least one great founder.
We are available in the Bay Area (USA), in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore (India), in Moscow (Russia) as well as in Europe.
Co-founder and СЕО of Cindicator
Mike Brusov
IT-предприниматель с 12-летним опытом запуска стартапов в области искусственного интеллекта, финтеха и децентрализованных сообществ. CEO и со-основатель Cindicator и технологии Гибридного Интеллекта.

Cindicator создает эффективные способы управления капиталом на финансовых рынках на основе уникального подхода — симбиоза мудрости толпы и искусственного интеллекта. Компания была запущена в 2015 году и сразу начала работать на международный рынок.

Акселерация в Нью-Йорке, месяцы в Креминиевой Долине, локализация и запуск на южно-корейский рынок и участие в текущем экспериментальном наборе tier-1 акселератора 500Startups с фокусом на финтех рынок Сингапура — составляют уникальный опыт команды развития глобального бизнеса.
Managing Director of Digital Horizon
Vladislav Tropko
Основной географический фокус — Европа. До Digital Horizon работал в Роснано, А1, Промышленных инвесторах и Klever Asset Management.
— Ментор Alchemist Accelerator;
— >15+ лет опыта в области прямых и венчурных инвестиций;
— Более 25 закрытых сделок;
— 5 выходов, включая 2 c оценкой более $1 млрд;
— Текущий IRR ангельского портфеля 60%, ROI >5x.
Senior Manager of Innovations at Megafon
Pavel Belov
Chief Investment Officer at Digital Horizon
Denis Ivanov
Денис Иванов более 12 лет работает в области корпоративных финансов, привлечения инвестиций, M&A сделок, IPO, разработки инвестиционных стратегий. Начал карьеру в инвестиционной компании «Ренессанс Капитал» в качестве аналитика и вырос до позиции директора по потребительскому сектору в регионе EMEA (Европа, Ближний Восток, Африка).

Денис провел более 30 сделок в Европе и Африке и привлек более $4 млрд для своих клиентов. В том числе он консультировал X5 по вопросам продажи сети «Перекресток Экспресс», занимался запуском Почта Банка ― совместного предприятия Почты России и банка ВТБ 24, курировал продажу за $90 млн кенийской сети клиник Avenue, IPO на $110 млн и последующее SPO на $45 млн компании Rhodes Food (продукты питания и напитки) и др.

Денис основал два собственных стартапа в области e-commerce и мобильных игр.
Head of innovations at X5 Retail Group
Denis Levshenko
Head of portfolio at IIDF
Ilya Korolev
Инвестиционный портфель — 700+ миллионов рублей, 18 компаний из сфер LegalTech, AR/VR и MarTech и Consumer Internet.

До ФРИИ Илья был со-основателем и директором по продукту в Dulton Media, российской онлайн видео-платформе по управлению и монетизации видео. В 2017 году компанию купила Rambler&Co.

C 2012 года активно помогает IT-предпринимателям и корпорациям разрабатывать новые продукты и масштабировать бизнесы в качестве ментора и евангелиста методологий Lean Startup и Customer Development.
Investor, representative of
Maksim Chebotarev
10 лет в стартапах, венчурных фондах и международных сделках.

Участвовал в запуске первого корпоративного венчурного фонда в России — Softline Venture Partners. Работал во ФРИИ 6 лет, построил нетворк на 400+ инвесторов и фондов. Участвовал в 20+ сделках ранних и поздних стадий.

Сооснователь курса «Школа инвестиций» ФРИИ и
Investment Associate at IIDF
Dina Karakash
Investment Expertise: AI, Robotics, IoT, AgriTech, PropTech, FinTech и EdTech.
More than 8 years in investment and venture industry with focus on data analytics, strategy and metrics. Managed and assessed pipeline of more than 7 000+ startups among different sectors - from real sector to deep tech.

Formed and led the analytical department, structured the deals and built the monitoring system at the leading crowdinvesting company in Russia.
Experience in financial modelling and asset allocation in financial institutions at KPMG and Moscow Exchange.

Recognized for the most profitable strategy of asset allocation in London. Board member of 10 successfully growing startups.

Currently, she is working on scaling strategy for Russian speaking founders with the following target markets: SEA, USA, UK, Germany.
Head of Ventures, Smart Cities at Plug and Play
Thomas Bigagli
After several years as a startups consultant and innovation manager for large corporations, Thomas joined Plug and Play in 2018. Plug and Play is the most active VC fund in the world and the largest open innovation platform which connects and facilitates the collaboration between large corporations and startups globally. His role is to Empower, Connect and Invest in startups as well as boost the digital transformation and supercharge the innovation strategy of large corporations through end-to-end innovation services.
Co-Founder of CPG Invest
Maksim Kalyuzhny
Head of scouting at IIDF
Mikhail Shatrov
• Ex-исполнительный директор Пермского отделения «Деловой России»
• Ex-операционный директор
• Ex-региональный представитель ФРИИ в Перми и Уфе
• В 2016 году проходил в стажировку в США, в г. Боулдер, штат Колорадо. Работал в University of Colorado Boulder, со стартап-акселератором Techstars и был организатором Think BIG! Startup Weekend Boulder.
• Затем занимался региональным развитием во ФРИИ: работа с партнерами и координация 5 региональных представителей (Краснодар, Пермь, Казань, Томск, Новосибирск)
• Во ФРИИ отвечает за маркетинг и поиск новых команд для инвестиций.
Head of corporate tracking at IIDF Accelerator
Dmitry Gubkin
Личный опыт работы с 300+ продуктами по увеличению ключевых показателей бизнеса.

Держатель методологии трекинга ФРИИ.

Работал над развитием внутренних продуктов таких компаний как Сбербанк, ВТБ, Мегафон, Naumen и др.
Head of the educational direction at IIDF Accelerator
Elizaveta Kandrashova
Опыт работы в роли Программного директора — 4 года, за последние 2 года проработала с более чем 50 проектными командами в рамках реализованных программ, направленных на развитие продуктовых компетенций.

Среди них:, Яндекс.Доставка, Х5, Беру, Яндекс.Такси, ЛитРес.

Опыт работы в роли методиста - 4 года, за 2 года реализовала более 9 программ, направленных на развитие продуктовых компетенций.
Chief Investment Officer at AltaIR Capital
Dmitry Firskin
Founder and CEO of
Vitaly Myshlyaev
Виталий Мышляев занимался интернет-маркетингом в издательстве «Манн, Иванов и Фербер» и интернет-магазине «Боффо». Потом совместно с Игорем Манном основал агентство интернет-маркетинга «ЛидМашина», которое выросло в группу компаний «СилаУма» ( За три года компания помогла улучшить интернет-маркетинг сотне компаний. Совместно с Игорем Манном Виталий разработал систему iМаркетинг, которая легла в основу трех семинаров (iМаркетинг 1, iМаркетинг 2.1 и iМаркетинг без бюджета). Автор книги iМаркетинг.

С 2014 по 2020 год развивал международный проект по продаже билетов на концерты, который охватывал 70 стран мира. Выпускник программы акселератора 500 startups.

Сейчас занимается развитием продукта для приоритизации задач в беклоге –

Head of Department of Corporate Programs IIDF
Irina Tarasova
Co-founder and ex-CMO of CINEMOOD
Daria Mingalieva
Currently she is advising founders and shareholders of the business. She helps to develop and implement a marketing strategy, find bottlenecks, select a team. More

- 30+ awards at international advertising, marketing and design festivals
- Nominee for Forbes rating "30 to 30"

Key competencies: management and team management, strategy, value proposition, branding, digital promotion, PR, Influence marketing, production and development, crowdfunding, entering the US market, working with retail.

CINEMOOD is a portable projector that displays movies, cartoons and film strips on any surface. Inside is a platform of family educational and entertainment content distributed through portable cinemas on a subscription basis.

Over the past three years, the startup has raised $ 10 million in investment from a group of institutional investors. Since the start of sales, CINEMOOD has sold 60,000 cubes in 147 countries around the world. In 2019, the startup's turnover reached $ 10 million.
talk about your business with market experts
The RSGG'20 will be attended by experts from IIDF, representatives of corporations and ecosystem players. You will be able to chat with them one-on-one and discuss your business, pilot launch opportunities and learn about their programs for tech companies.
Mentor Hours will be available to pre-selected tech startups and companies. To participate, mark the desired format during registration and wait for the selection results. Applications for participation are accepted until November 10.
InDriver was founded in 2013 in Yakutsk. Today the service operates in 400+ cities in 31 countries. It is currently headquartered in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. 850 employees work in 8 offices around the world.
Arsen Tomsky, CEO of the international service inDriver, is not a frequent speaker at conferences. He agreed to hold a small workshop at RSGG'2020 Online, share his experience of scaling tech startups and respond to all the questions in Q&A-section.

The founders talk will be available only for 50 participants selected for the Mentor Hours format (priority will be given to the founders and CEOs of tech companies operating abroad).
You can apply to participate in the master class till November 10th. Choose the Mentor Hours format during registration and wait for the selection results. Please note that there will be no recording.
find investors for your business
Representatives of venture funds and business angels who are actively looking for new portfolio companies will take part in RSGG'2020 You will have opportunities to talk with them one-on-one and discuss investments for your business.
VC Corner will be available to pre-selected tech startups and companies. To participate, mark the desired format during registration and wait for the selection results. Applications for participation are accepted until November 10.
Among the juries are representatives of Russian and foreign foundations, accelerators and business angels.
To participate, mark the desired format during registration and wait for the selection results. Applications for participation are accepted until November 10.
Meet the agencies of economic development that help launch businesses on foreign markets and learn how they can help your startup grow.
You will be able to talk with them one-on-one and discuss opportunities to scale your business. To participate, book a time slot during the conference in the virtual room of the agency you are interested in.
November 20th, 10:00 (Moscow time)

We will send you a link one day before the conference to your email.
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Meet Business Alley's attendees

VC Corner (apply to participate)

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12+ hours of livestreamed content

Network through event platform

Meet Business Alley's attendees

VC Corner (apply to participate)

Mentor hours (apply to participate)

Pitch Session (apply to participate)

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сhoice of participants: last year's presentations
Investors' view: how a start-up can establish international potential, attract financing and turn an investor into a business development partner
The US and Europe don't stand alone. How not to follow the trend and finding the right market for your product.
Entering the US market: expectation vs. reality. Honest and frank analysis of our own mistakes in the first half year.
Russian Startups Go Global 2019
IIDF Accelerator is one of the TOP-8 world accelerators according to Forbes. In 2020, more than 1,500 technology entrepreneurs have completed IIDF programs in total, 600+ IT companies have completed acceleration programs, more than 50 companies made hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in foreign markets in the GoGlobal program to enter the global market.
The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) is a Russian venture capital fund. We invest between $100k and $3M in tech companies at early stages, i.e. pre-seed, seed, and series A. We have invested in more than 400 companies.
Our mission is to help Russian-speaking entrepreneurs create tech companies and turn them into Global companies that contribute to positive changes and add value to the lives of people around the world.
Alesya Khanieva
Mikhail Shatrov
Partners and Sponsors[email protected]
Vladislava Znak
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